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Services Tailored to Your Schedule and to Your Needs.

Individual Sessions focus on you as the parent.
We will discuss your specific concerns and set goals that you
can achieve. Not only will we develop a plan, but we will also envision the end result. You will feel comfortable knowing
what things will be like when the work is done.

Group sessions provide information and support.
We organize groups with parents who have similar issues and similar age children. Six to eight members in a group will meet for eight consecutive weeks; each will be 75 minutes long.

Teleclasses provide accessibility for busy parents.
Like a conference call, tele-classes come with a class phone number and instructions on how the tele-class will work. Similar to the in-person groups, parents who experience similar issues and have similar age children will make up the grouping. Tele-classes will have four to six members and run for 6 weeks; each will be 60 minutes long.

With all services I teach:

  • effective communication skills
  • setting good boundaries and limits
  • creating routine and structure
  • self nurturing

You receive personal support as we go through this process of growth and change. You will have homework that is fun, doable and bring the concepts we discuss to life.

You will learn how your emotions and how the events of your past influence your daily struggles as a parent. You will learn to put the past in the past and become the parent you want to be.

All types of caregivers and adults who are somehow involved in a child’s life are invited.

All of the above sessions or classes will have 3-5 books and 2 or 3 links for you to use as further reference.

Call me for a confidential discussion of options available to you.

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