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Parenting can be joyful, rewarding, lonely & unpredictable.

As a parent you love your children. You want to teach them and guide them. And, you want to protect them. Most of us
never expected it would be the complex experience it is.

While it is often fun and rewarding, it can also be frustrating
and challenging.

Perhaps you are career parents

• Juggling the demands of your work schedules, your children’s school issues and special activities...
• Manipulating schedules for their early release days, snow days, and teacher conferences…
• Deciding which parent stays home when one child is sick…
• Stressed over issues of sibling rivalry, your children’s uncooperative behavior, and lengthy school assignments…

Perhaps you are a single parent

In addition to the above, you have a variety of other concerns:
• Challenge of the complexities of visitations with the other parent…
• Negotiating rules and expectations for your children who live in two homes…
• Struggling with the need to be firm while feeling guilty because the time with your child is limited…

Perhaps you struggle with these questions

• How do you set limits and enforce family rules?
• How can you be direct with grandparents and friends who are constantly indulging your children?
• How do you deal with your acting-out children while you are driving your car or while shopping for groceries?
• And, how do you take care of yourself when the demands of your family are constant and often urgent?

Let me help!
Raising my children is the hardest thing I have ever done! It seems that we are surrounded by experts and other parents who seem to have it all together. However, we are all struggling with many of the same issues. We are all struggling and juggling all the time.

Give yourself permission to seek out support and assistance. Often, just learning more effective communication skills and having some support will affirm that you are indeed excellent parents.

Call me for a confidential discussion of options available to you.

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